Wanderlust Wendy


America! New York City! New Beginnings!

New York, Scene from Air

The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. I had my leaving drinks the night before I left London. I went back to the Midwest for 10 days to catch up with family and friends. Even though I have been living in the developed world for the past year, coming back to America is still a culture shock.  10 days of Midwest was plenty for me. More and more, … Read more

London Summer

London Sunset

Since I am transitioning from a UK system to the US, my summer was cut short to just under 8 weeks. In which, I took up an internship at a social investment fund here in London. This is the 2nd time I have spent summer in London, and I remember just how much I love it. Sure the constant 60 degree weather doesn’t scream summer. But the occasional 70+ degree … Read more

Taste of Cameroon in London

poisson braisée and baton de manioc

After nearly one year of leaving Cameroon, I finally visited a Cameroonian restaurant. I don’t think I’ve been that happy since I left that country. Le Maestro Bar & Restaurant is located in southeast London by Deptford Bridge. I first learned of this place when attending a talk on Cameroon a few months ago. For months, Autumn (the other Cam RPCV at LSE) and I never had time to visit. … Read more

Lonely Londontown?

LSE Exam Prep

I am tired. For the past few weeks, I have been holed up at a two-story Starbucks in central London prepping for my first exams at the LSE. This British system is difficult to adjust to. I have no idea how the exams are graded and thus my mood swings all day between “oh my goodness, I am going to fail” and “oh please, I got this”. Back and forth, … Read more

Wine, Cheese & the London Skyline

London Skyline at London Sky Bar

Tonight, I had a sassy girl date with Amy. Thanks to Groupon, we were able to experience a wine and cheese tasting event at the London Sky Bar, located on the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower. The view was incredible. I really too often forget just how amazing London is as a city. The entire event lasted only an hour. We tasted four different types of wine from Chile … Read more

Magical London Sunshine

London, Southbank

Spring is upon us! I imagine for most places in the Northern Hemisphere, people are experiencing the type of joy that comes with the first warm day without a coat. In London, sunshine has been with us for the past few days! For a city known for its gloom, this weather has been downright magical. This afternoon, I took advantage of my flexible student life and went on a run … Read more

Sunshine & Loves


Serious dose of sunshine today in London. I think the universe was saving it to give London lovers a perfect mood to snuggle up in parks across the city. It’s been two years since I last experienced Valentine’s Day in its full commercial frenzy. Flurries of updates on Facebook has led to some interesting observations. The optimists, or those who have a significant other, don’t seem to mind the commercial … Read more

Winter Wonderland

London Christmas Hyde Park

People take things for granted, that’s a fact. We are now in full swing of the Christmas season, and some people complain about the over-the-top-ness of the season. I was one of those those who complained until I lived in Cameroon for two holidays seasons where you have no idea it’s Christmas until the very day. I missed the cold, the snow, the trees, the decor, and just about every … Read more

A Taste of America

London, Chipotle

On my 3rd consecutive year living away from the U.S.A., I actually am begin to miss that place – the land of abundance (excess). Last week while frolicking through London with Juliette, I discovered this: Juliette being the Parisian that she is, did not share my excitement in stumbling upon Chipotle in London. This fast-foody Mexican joint produces some hearty burritos at a good price – or at least it … Read more

Old Friend in London

This weekend, I had my first visitor in London! Juliette, my French friend who spent the first 6 months of my service in Batié with me, was visiting from Paris. We hadn’t seen each other since she left Cameroon a year and a half ago. As always, it’s amazing to reunite with a good friend after such long time and immediately reconnect. We reminisced our time in Cameroon and this … Read more