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Five-Day Car Tour to Discover Vietnam’s Ha Giang Region with YESD

Ha Giang, Vietnam

While researching our journey in the Ha Giang region in Northern Vietnam, motorbike tours appeared popular. Yet, some friends who’ve visited the area recommended against motorbike tours, citing frequent accidents. My research led me to YESD, a social enterprise focusing on responsible tourism that provides tours in the region. The …

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Surviving Taiwan’s Mandatory COVID-19 Quarantine at Aloft Beitou

Taiwan COVID quarantine Aloft Beitou

Upon making Taiwan the next move, our first hurdle was figuring out paperwork and the mandatory two-week Quarantine. The Taiwanese border is still closed at this time (October 2020). Only Taiwanese passport-holders or those with a special permit are allowed entry. Fortunately, my Taiwanese passport saved the day, and we …

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One Year of Around-the-World Travel on $55 a Day

Chile, Atacama Desert

This week marked a year since we concluded our one year of around-the-world travel. Over this past year, we’ve had time to properly digest all that we’ve experienced. Our itinerary has been retold dozens of times. People seem to have a great interest at how we had structured our route, …

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Engage in Sustainable Tourism from Your Couch

sustainable tourism

I’ve always loved traveling to learn about a culture and gain perspective on different ways of life. Typically, I dislike tours and prefer to be away from tourist traps. Somehow, I never connected the dots between my two passions: community development and travel. That is, until I met Ameer Virani, …

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