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Minimalism Journey

Minimalist Game, Minimalist Life

8 months ago, Xav and I got serious about becoming more minimalistic in our lives. We were very far from it. Every drawer and shelf of our 110 squared-foot apartment was filled with stuff. We were organized hoarders. As such, discipline was necessary. I had read the Marie Kondo book and had been listening to The Minimalist podcast. The Konmari method was a good starting point, but it didn’t feel … Read more

1000 Days to Freedom

I’ve been chasing the dream of living a location independent life since my days in the Peace Corps. I’ve wanted the freedom to live and work in parts of the world where people wouldn’t even bother to go for vacation. I’ve dreamt of the freedom to do anything I want, and not have to worry about how much money it yields. In fact, people toss around the word PASSION all day long among my millennials. But honestly, I don’t know what mine is, because I’ve never allowed myself to really think about it. My Asian upbringing immediately labels any vocation with a dollar sign…

Road to Positive Net Worth

During fall of 2012, just months after I finished a very expensive graduate degree, I took the plunge and moved to Shanghai, with nothing but negative $120k of net worth. It didn’t matter that I was coming without a job, the goal was to be rid of that massive student debt. My plan was to pay it off by my 30th birthday. Along the way, I’ve changed my strategy a bit. This month, just before turning 30, my net worth is positive for the first time since my 18th birthday, when I started college…

Facebook Hiatus: the Beginning

Looming exam pressure and a recent personal episode has led me to this decision: to take a 68-day Facebook hiatus until exams are over on June 20th. You may be thinking, why in the world are you studying for exams already? Well, I am studying in an archaic British system where exams are held once a year. I am responsible for everything that I have/suppose to learn since October 1, … Read more


This week while in Tunisia, a part from a few international text messages, I unplugged myself from technology, making the getaway a true break. It was incredible the effect few days of unplugging had on my mental state. Partly because I was immersed in a new place and discovering a new surrounding, but being disconnected made me feel so free and my thoughts were much more clear and creative. Don’t … Read more