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What I Learned One Year After Corporate Grind

As we grow older, the phrase, “time flies” is uttered often. For me, however, this past year did not fly by; the year progressed seemingly slowly in the best possible way. While only 365 days have lapsed, I feel as though 5 years’ worth of experiences had taken place since I unchained from the golden handcuff and left the corporate grand.  Did I figure out what I want to do … Read more

2018 Year-in-Review

2018 has been an absolutely epic year. Recently, I listened to a podcast that describes how time can sometimes feel so slow, yet at other times feels fleeting. In essence, when our lives are filled with new experiences, our brain is busy processing all the new signals, and all that jam-packed activities slows down our perception of time. Yet, when our lives are filled with routines, the brain is on … Read more

2017 Year-In-Review

Another year filled with travels, laughters, and this year in particular, many momentous occasions. The year flew by in a blur, and I struggled to remember what all had happened each month until I flipped through thousands of photos. I spent the year feeling very discouraged, as if my life is circling in place, not advancing forward. Yet, upon reflection…

2016 Year-in-Review

Travel. Need for Change. Relationships. Those are the themes that have ran through this year. It was also a year filled with fitness firsts: first half marathon & first trail run. Here’s another year of life experiences under my belt, and on the road to becoming a better version of myself. January: Xav and I rang in the new year in Thailand. We escaped the bustle city life and escaped … Read more

Becoming 30

I turned 20 in London. It was junior year of college, and I was on an internship program at the U.S. Embassy. The night before turning 20, I met a boy. That boy liked me and we had a lot of fun for 4 months. He liked me so much that we carried on. I felt very adult carrying on a trans-Atlantic relationship after my semester there. The following summer, … Read more

Leisure Sunday Morning

Al's Diner Shanghai

These days, I’ve swapped the late nights at the clubs for early tranquil mornings. I found myself totally alone this morning, a rare occasion these days of coupledom. It’s a rather nice spring day, after the non-stop rain the day prior. I relished in the silence of the apartment for a while, then headed to Al’s Diner for a brunch of one. Egg white omelette and salad. And a latte. … Read more

The Silver Lining of Self-inflicted Torture

Shanghai Rush Hour

This morning, I was at the subway during peak hour with a latte in hand. Normally, I am fortunate that I live close enough to the office that I don’t need to subway as my commute. But today, I was heading to a different office, and experienced the joy of Shanghai subway at rush hour. I was in no particular hurry, and the carts were jam-packed with people on top … Read more

2014 Year-in-Review

The word for 2014 is balance. I struggled to find it. Last year, I didn’t write my year-in-review until nearing the end of January. To start off 2015 right, I am writing it with 4 more days to spare! January: I ended the year with a trip to the East Coast to reunite with my friends. It was wonderful to catch up with so many people on one trip. The struggle … Read more

The Trouble of a Busy Life

West Lake Hangzhou China

It’s 9pm, and I am writing from my office. Somehow, and I am not sure how, there are only 12 days left of 2014. After putting in a 12+ hour day at the office, I wanted to stop and reflect, and think about where time has gone. Nearly two months ago, I came across a piece titled, “The Disease of Being Busy“. It resonated with me a great deal, and … Read more

Ordinary Life

It was a rather ordinary day here in Shanghai. I struggled out of bed at 6am and went to work. It was the 2nd week in a row of beautiful weather, so I took note of the clear Shanghai skyline from my 25th floor office, with floor to ceiling windows. It was an ordinary day. I did my work, but was distracted thinking about this and that throughout the morning. … Read more