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What I Learned One Year After Corporate Grind

As we grow older, the phrase, “time flies” is uttered often. For me, however, this past year did not fly by; the year progressed seemingly slowly in the best possible way. While 365 days have lapsed, I feel as though 5 years worth of experiences had taken placed since I unchained from the golden handcuff.  Did I figure out what I want to do with my life yet? Not exactly. … Read more

Corporate Grind

Today at lunch, despite the rain, I walked out of my office to grab a bite of something to eat. I told myself I wouldn’t bring my lunch back to eat in front of my computer. I needed a break from those Excel spreadsheet. I sat in this small all-in-one lunch place eating my bland udon noodle soup (one should never hope a place that serves salad, hot food, sandwich, … Read more