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2019 Q2 Business Update

The imposter syndrome returns as I prepare for this Q2 update. My initial feeling: I haven’t accomplished much. I spent the entire month of July traveling before settling into our new home in Saigon. If I’ve learned anything over this past year, it’s that I am a terrible travel blogger, as in, travel and blog at the same time.  Yet, in the spirit of accountability, I forced myself to eschew … Read more

2019 Q1 Business Update

I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly off) for over a decade now. Things in the blogging world have changed, but my love for writing to pay-it-forward has not. Blogging has remained the only hobby that I can consistently work on for hours at a time. You know that “follow your passion” advice? Well, I don’t know what my passion is, but I suppose this comes close. I’ve lost count … Read more

2018 Year-in-Review

2018 has been an absolutely epic year. Recently, I listened to a podcast that describes how time can sometimes feel so slow, yet at other times feels fleeting. In essence, when our lives are filled with new experiences, our brain is busy processing all the new signals, and all that jam-packed activities slows down our perception of time. Yet, when our lives are filled with routines, the brain is on … Read more

2017 Year-In-Review

Another year filled with travels, laughters, and this year in particular, many momentous occasions. The year flew by in a blur, and I struggled to remember what all had happened each month until I flipped through thousands of photos. I spent the year feeling very discouraged, as if my life is circling in place, not advancing forward. Yet, upon reflection…

2016 Year-in-Review

Travel. Need for Change. Relationships. Those are the themes that have ran through this year. It was also a year filled with fitness firsts: first half marathon & first trail run. Here’s another year of life experiences under my belt, and on the road to becoming a better version of myself. January: Xav and I rang in the new year in Thailand. We escaped the bustle city life and escaped … Read more

2014 Year-in-Review

The word for 2014 is balance. I struggled to find it. Last year, I didn’t write my year-in-review until nearing the end of January. To start off 2015 right, I am writing it with 4 more days to spare! January: I ended the year with a trip to the East Coast to reunite with my friends. It was wonderful to catch up with so many people on one trip. The struggle … Read more

2013 Year-in-Review

The first month of 2014 is nearing the end, and I am just now writing my 2013 review.  Better late than never? Probably not the best way to kick off the new year, but I simply couldn’t drop the ball on this tradition. January: Life in Shanghai was in full swing. I was juggling between private tutoring, translating for an online language learning platform, conducting marketing research for a start-up, teaching writing … Read more

Year-in-Review: 2011

2011 year-in-review

This is always my favorite post to write each year. A lot happens in a year, and I am always amazed at what all took place when I write this post. 2011 was a good year. My life faced new changes and challenges, and I walked away a stronger, and more experienced person than before. January: The new year kicked off with my Peace Corps loves in Chicago. I then … Read more

2009 Year-In-Review

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! In 2009, I spent the entire calendar year in Cameroon. The last time I spent an entire calendar year in the same country was 2004. The constant locality made me feel as though nothing much happened, but in close examination, 2009 was yet another exciting year. I continued to grow as a person and finding new directions in life. 2009 was the year … Read more