Wanderlust Wendy


The first quarter of 2020 felt never-ending. Amid a global pandemic and a new job, I managed very little progress with the blog. I contemplated whether to continue these updates, since this blog, much like my new day job, is more a nonprofit endeavor than a business.  Out of curiosity, I went back to the first update I published a year ago. Looking at the YoY growth, I am quite … Read more

After the existential exploration of my writer identity in Q3, I decided to focus on writing in Q4, and worry about everything else (how to make money, career, etc.) next year. While I dove into writing, the universe presented new plans on how I should spend time in 2020. #NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge In the world of blogging, it’s easy to get distracted with marketing, SEO optimization, photo curation, edits, etc. … Read more

Year-in-Review post is always my favorite post to write each year. It allows me to reflect on the year, identify all of the marvelous changes, and prepare for the year ahead. Usually, I lament at how quickly time has passed. But for 2019, I marvel at the way January feels like a lifetime ago.  This year, I gave myself a central theme to work toward, rather than new year resolutions. … Read more

Q3 was filled with transitions as we settle into our new lives in Saigon. With Xav at work, I am left with ample time to catch up on this blog.   Am I A Writer?  Being in a new city, one of the most common questions I get is that dreaded, “What do you do?”. I find myself stumbling over this question and throw out some version of, “oh, I’m exploring … Read more

The imposter syndrome returns as I prepare for this Q2 update. My initial feeling: I haven’t accomplished much. I spent the entire month of July traveling before settling into our new home in Saigon. If I’ve learned anything over this past year, it’s that I am a terrible travel blogger, as in, travel and blog at the same time.  Yet, in the spirit of accountability, I forced myself to eschew … Read more

I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly off) for over a decade now. Things in the blogging world have changed, but my love for writing to pay-it-forward has not. Blogging has remained the only hobby that I can consistently work on for hours at a time. You know that “follow your passion” advice? Well, I don’t know what my passion is, but I suppose this comes close. I’ve lost count … Read more

2018 has been an absolutely epic year. Recently, I listened to a podcast that describes how time can sometimes feel so slow, yet at other times feels fleeting. In essence, when our lives are filled with new experiences, our brain is busy processing all the new signals, and all that jam-packed activities slows down our perception of time. Yet, when our lives are filled with routines, the brain is on … Read more

Another year filled with travels, laughters, and this year in particular, many momentous occasions. The year flew by in a blur, and I struggled to remember what all had happened each month until I flipped through thousands of photos. I spent the year feeling very discouraged, as if my life is circling in place, not advancing forward. Yet, upon reflection…

Travel. Need for Change. Relationships. Those are the themes that have ran through this year. It was also a year filled with fitness firsts: first half marathon & first trail run. Here’s another year of life experiences under my belt, and on the road to becoming a better version of myself. January: Xav and I rang in the new year in Thailand. We escaped the bustle city life and escaped … Read more

I turned 20 in London. It was junior year of college, and I was on an internship program at the U.S. Embassy. The night before turning 20, I met a boy. That boy liked me and we had a lot of fun for 4 months. He liked me so much that we carried on. I felt very adult carrying on a trans-Atlantic relationship after my semester there. The following summer, … Read more