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Wandering but not lost. Former tech-giant bean-counter turned digital nomad.

Hello! I am Wendy. My husband and I recently minimised our lives & walked away from corporate jobs to pursue long-term travel. I am taking my newly minted coding skills on the road, documenting our journey along the way, and putting my love for travel-planning to good use.

This blog documents stories from my days in the Peace Corps, grad school, 5 years of corporate grinding in Shanghai, and of course, all the wandering that has taken place. I write, to pay-it-forward, and I hope you find these stories useful, or at least amusing. Thanks for reading!



After walking away from the corporate grind, I put myself through a 9-week intensive coding camp. Next up, we leave Shanghai for good and will embark on the grand voyage to travel from Shanghai to Strasbourg via the Trans-Siberian rail!

Le Wagon Week 7: Just Get It Done!

Final third of the coding camp! After some much needed solitude last week, I dove right into the project trial week, where we make an AirBnB/Mobike-esque app in 5 days. This practice project gave us a chance to work with our assigned group, to work out any kinks, and to trial run through the entire process beginning from idea on Monday to presenting a working demo by Friday at 6pm. 

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