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Saigon Chronicle

Saigon Chronicle – Week 2: Roadside Barber. Chinatown. Eco-Market.

Thien Hau Temple Saigon Chinatown

The initial shock from the overwhelming traffic and noise in Saigon during week 1 has somewhat dissipated. There is now even a sense of calm energy when I watch a steady flow of traffic (preferably from a café window). While slowly settling into the city’s rhythm, we are still moving about town largely clueless. More than a few times, we have paid the “foreigners tax”. Can’t exactly complain, since we … Read more

Saigon Chronicle – Week 1: Traffic. Noise. Heat.

Saigon Traffic

After a year of globetrotting, we gathered our belongings, added a couple more bags, and headed for Saigon. By now, moving across the world has become rather habitual. My first big global move was from Taiwan to St. Louis at age 12. That was seriously major. Moving to Cameroon with the Peace Corps was a rather big deal as well, so was traversing the globe to Shanghai after grad school, … Read more