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Saigon Chronicle

Saigon Chronicle – Week 7 & 8: Apartment Rental Search

After a month of living in our temporary apartment, we began the hunt for our longer-term home in Saigon. The process proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated, but I am happy to announce that after two weeks of painstaking search, we have been blessed by the apartment-hunting …

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Saigon Chronicle – Week 6: Making Friends. Exploring Co-working Spaces.

Saigon Hem Street Photography

One of the many reasons we put an end to nomadic living was missing a community. Yet, forming a community in a new city doesn’t happen with a snap of a finger. The steps to forming quality connections can be tedious and a little awkward. It’s a little like going …

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Saigon Chronicle – Week 5: Learning Vietnamese

Saigon Fruit Vendor and Tourists

After stumbling around on non-existent Vietnamese skills for the past month, we finally set up lessons with a private teacher to begin our Vietnamese-acquisition journey. I strongly believe the best way to integrate into a culture is to learn its language. Even understanding basic sentence construction helps one peek into …

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Saigon Chronicle – Week 4: Living Abroad in 2019

Living Abroad in Saigon

The first time I moved abroad was in 1998, from Taiwan to the United States. The Internet was slowly becoming mainstream, but the way to keep in touch with my family was still through faxes and occasional expensive international calls. In suburbia Saint Louis, my only source of Chinese entertainment …

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Saigon Chronicle – Week 3: Home Goods. Maison Marou. Women Meet Tech.

Place in Saigon

Hello New Home After over a year of suitcase living, we moved into an apartment that is all ours. For the first time in 13 months, I unpacked all of our suitcases and put them away. Among all of the benefits of nomad living, regaining an appreciation for a physical …

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Saigon Chronicle – Week 2: Roadside Barber. Chinatown. Eco-Market.

Thien Hau Temple Saigon Chinatown

The initial shock from the overwhelming traffic and noise in Saigon during week 1 has somewhat dissipated. There is now even a sense of calm energy when I watch a steady flow of traffic (preferably from a café window). While slowly settling into the city’s rhythm, we are still moving …

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From Nomad Living to Ho Chi Minh City

We can read all about an experience, but until we’ve lived it ourselves, it’s just a story.  Nomad Envy I have wanted to travel full-time for years. I read blogs and watched vlogs of people who trot around with their life’s possessions in a backpack (or a suitcase), and call …

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