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The Luxury of Doing What You Love

On a Monday morning, as I sat in the Grab car that is weaving through Saigon’s nutty morning traffic going a new job I love, a thought came to me, “Doing What You Love is a Luxury.” I was immediately filled with gratitude as I bask in this very luxury that I couldn’t afford just a few years ago.  The Luxury to Disregard Pay A decade after I began that … Read more

US Passport

One of my main goals with this blog is to inspire people to live globally. When contacted by the U.S. State Department to help promote its #BeginYourJourney campaign for Passport Month, I happily obliged. After all, obtaining a passport is the first step to living more globally.  Recognize Passport Privilege  Before I dive into my story, I would like to address passport privilege. Not all passports are created equal, and … Read more

Recently, someone on Twitter asked how quickly an immigrant loses ties to his/her heritage. The answer varies, but for me, it was within two short years. At age 12, my identity became hyphenated: Asian-American. Yet with an concerted effort to fit in, I quickly dropped the Asian part of the word. Over the last decade, I’ve been reexamining both parts of my identity as an Asian-American. Since May is Asian … Read more

Trust Dots Will Connect, St. Louis Forest Park Bridge

Recently, I’ve received requests for informational calls to discuss my “career path”. I’ve happily obliged to pay it forward, since I myself had requested many of these calls while in grad school. A pattern soon emerged. Gleaming from my resumé, people apparently think I had some master plan to weave together my experiences in finance, international development, and tech. But truly, there was no master plan. Instead, it was a … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

As a twenty-something, most of us are constantly on the lookout for THE Job, or THE One. I have spent the better part of last decade battling for both, and realized that the lessons learned in both fields are strikingly similar. Sometimes, hard work is not enough. THE Job: As a child, we were taught that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If you study and work hard, then … Read more

Going on hour 10 of this 13-hour flight. It’s been a while since I took a 10+ hour flight. If the bus ride to DC provided ample time to think about my life, this flight took it to the next level. I would guess around 85% of the passengers on this Boeing 777 aircraft are Chinese. I haven’t been surrounded by this many Chinese people since… well, 2009 when I … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. – Steve Jobs The dots, they are connecting in my life. When I decided to move to Shanghai a little over a month ago, I realized it is time to cash in on my Mandarin skill. So, I found a freelance … Read more

Main Street St. Charles

It’s a lovely fall day here in St. Charles, a town where I spent my adolescent years. St. Charles is the first capitol of Missouri, and its “downtown” has preserved its historic charm from the 1700’s. I’ve never really appreciated this town. Coming from Taichung, the third largest city in Taiwan, I always thought this place was small, and somewhat… backward. The 12 year-old me questioned,”Why aren’t there anyone walking … Read more

snail mail

I am back in my parents’ house, a place where I spent my adolescent years. This place is as close to home as it gets for me. A part of being a globetrotter is you move, a lot. I am going on my 14th move in 8 years. Luckily, my parents’ home serves as an excellent storage space. True to form, I went through my stuff to decide what precious … Read more

“Chelsea Clinton Exited Wall Street to Seek Career with Meaning”, this Bloomberg headline shared by a friend on Facebook caught my attention this morning. My friends commented on the piece as inspiring. This is not the first story of someone that left Corporate America behind to find “meaning”. This is the first time, however, that I became frustrated at the fact Mr. or Ms. Goldman-Sachs-McKinsey who left to “seek meaning” and … Read more