Wanderlust Wendy


Social Media Guilt

In an ideal world, I am a girl who is a complete book worm who indulges in book after book across many genres and languages. In that world, I would write my thoughts in my notebook and have very intelligent conversations when I am out and about. In that world, I would spend my time absorbing every bit of knowledge that I can via different channels – books, podcasts, interesting … Read more

Globetrotting Gen Y

For years now, since Freshman year of college, I have been traveling. I haven’t spent a full year anywhere except for right now, where I’m in Cameroon, West Africa. My time in university was broken up between a summer in France, a semester in London, and another summer back in London. I thrive on the change and the unknown that each adventure brings. Today, in reading a blog post titling … Read more

Global Edition

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Not sure when New York Times and the International Herald Tribune joined forces to create the Global Edition of the New York Times. I discovered this recently and -wow- I love it. I am not sure why I love it so much. Perhaps it’s the “global” nature of it all? Every section of the news now has an international component to it. Must be the globe-trotting blood within my veins. … Read more


brooklyn bridge, new york city

Recently, I read this blog post on FluentIn3Months.com. I really related to this post with my experience here in Cameroon, learning my 4th language. The author made a very good point about how people can be living in a place for months or even years, and still do not speak the local language: Stop speaking English!! This may seem like a pointless statement to make when you live in the … Read more

Half Way Around the Globe

hmm.. right. So I sort of abandoned this blog. I think the fact I just began and thus no real readers was a bit of a problem. But I gotta start somewhere, right? So I shall keep writing. The other reason I’ve neglected was more legit. I’ve been traveling. In May, I went back to Taiwan for a visit and in June a good friend from the U.S. came for … Read more

Phase I Project Timeline

ESTIMATED PROJECT TIMELINE Date Activity December 2008 Brainstorm project idea with community member; research donor organization for books. January 2009 Contact Books For Africa to confirm book donation of 22,000 English books. February 2009 Contact other PCVs to expand the library project over 3 provinces and 25 schools. Mach 2009 Contact PCVs worldwide who have successfully completed the project with BFA. March 2009 Identify target schools and discuss with administration … Read more


Ever been in a conversation where everyone is speaking a language you don’t quite understand or completely clueless about? That’s me from the very beginning of life. Well, I suppose that’s everyone. But for as long as I remembered, I’ve found myself time and again in such situations. Frankly, I love it. It began with the family from my father’s side who speak Hakka, a traditional Chinese dialect. Hakka is … Read more