Wanderlust Wendy


Stepping Back: Paris

Paris, France

Paris, the city of lights. Some claims it as one of the world’s most romantic cities. Exactly a year ago, I had the great pleasure of stopping in on this enchanting city during a layover en route to Taiwan. Since I had been to Paris before, I avoided all touristy activities and simply took in the city for what it was. The weather was surprisingly cold for May and a … Read more

Life Brainstorming

brooklyn bridge, new york city

After a long silence, Sciences Po Paris finally gave me an answer. They admitted me, and gave me a oodle of money from the Emile Boutmy Scholarship. The catch: they think my profile is better suited for the international affairs program in international political economy. Now the catch within the catch: this program is in French! I had to submit the Test de Connaissance Français (TCF – French Knowledge Test) … Read more

London? Paris?

brooklyn bridge, new york city

In the end, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with fellow Peace Corps volunteers. And when I returned, I found my first graduate school acceptance in my inbox! After first deciding to return to grad school after my two years in Africa, I tweaked my decisions a bit and ended up applying to the following programs: London School of Economics (Dual MPA in International Development w/ Science Po)Sciences Po Paris (Masters … Read more

Global Edition

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Not sure when New York Times and the International Herald Tribune joined forces to create the Global Edition of the New York Times. I discovered this recently and -wow- I love it. I am not sure why I love it so much. Perhaps it’s the “global” nature of it all? Every section of the news now has an international component to it. Must be the globe-trotting blood within my veins. … Read more

American Girl in Paris – Part II

My first activity in civilization aside from my latte at Starbucks was a movie in a cinema. The documentary “Lets Make Money” featured quite a few scenes in West Africa and thus provided an interesting contrast and transition for me. After the movie, Gary took me to Le Pain Quotidian for a very Frenchy lunch completed with salad, soup, sandwich, cheese plate and of course, a carafe of wine; and … Read more

American Girl in Paris – Part I

Paris, France

Due to flight schedule to reunite with my family in Taipei, I ended up with a three-day layover in Paris. I know, life is tough. Thanks to my French connection, Gary arranged for me to stay with his friends in the center of Paris for the two nights that I was passing through. When he said the center of Paris, I thought it would simply be Paris proper. But center … Read more