Wanderlust Wendy


Understanding Big Chairs

Laura:  What are we going to do when it’s not socially acceptable to drink a cold Castel on the beach at 10 in the morning?   I have been back in village for a week now after the whirlwind of COS conference, and I have never missed Americans this much in my entire life. My fortunate circumstances that have allowed me to live in different places also at times gives … Read more

Stepping Back: to Grandmother’s House!

Last summer, I had the chance to revisit my birth country of Taiwan. One of the many stops we made along the island was at the Lee family estate in Ping-Tung (屏東), to visit my amazing 91-year-old grandmother. At 91 and without much formal education, my grandmother still speaks 3 languages – Hakka, Japanese and Taiwanese. I suppose the polyglot gene had to come from somewhere! Fortunately to my grandmother’s … Read more

The Little Things

Now that I’ve decided on my next move, I’m getting increasingly more anxious with the rest of my time here in Cameroon. Yet at the same time, I am trying to take in every last bit of this love-hate relationship that I’ve developed with Cameroon. Some things in the past few days that I want to remember: The drive from Bafoussam to Batié. This is 30-45 minute ride is one … Read more

Global Edition

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Not sure when New York Times and the International Herald Tribune joined forces to create the Global Edition of the New York Times. I discovered this recently and -wow- I love it. I am not sure why I love it so much. Perhaps it’s the “global” nature of it all? Every section of the news now has an international component to it. Must be the globe-trotting blood within my veins. … Read more

October Happenings

Hello my loyal readers! I am still around, and the excuse for the lack of update? well, the lack of activities. The month of October so far has been a lot of GRE studying, money-begging to fund Books For Cameroon by the end of October and preparation for graduate school applications. Concerning the project: we are making very good progress. With just $2k left to go, we hope the project … Read more

Half Way Around the Globe

hmm.. right. So I sort of abandoned this blog. I think the fact I just began and thus no real readers was a bit of a problem. But I gotta start somewhere, right? So I shall keep writing. The other reason I’ve neglected was more legit. I’ve been traveling. In May, I went back to Taiwan for a visit and in June a good friend from the U.S. came for … Read more


Ever been in a conversation where everyone is speaking a language you don’t quite understand or completely clueless about? That’s me from the very beginning of life. Well, I suppose that’s everyone. But for as long as I remembered, I’ve found myself time and again in such situations. Frankly, I love it. It began with the family from my father’s side who speak Hakka, a traditional Chinese dialect. Hakka is … Read more