Wanderlust Wendy


The “Real” World

We are entering week 16 at the LSE, and that means the final quarter of the year. Where did time go? I am finally putting on my game face and am finally feeling the pressure of life in this “real” world. There seems to always be something going on – places I need to be, things I need to do, people I need to see. I find myself running around … Read more

Under the Tunisian Sun

This week, I escaped London and went to Tunisia to enjoy some warm(er) weather. One of the many perks that comes with attending an international school like the LSE, is that you know people from literally all over the world. My friend Agatha has strong ties in Tunisia and I gladly took up an invitation to visit during our break prior to the holidays. Tunisia is the first Arabic country … Read more

Small Bit of Cameroon

This past weekend, Autumn invited me to attend a Cameroonian forum with her. Dr. Chris Foumunyo is a leading advocate for democracy in Africa who happens to be Cameroonian. I came in contact with him while raising money for my library project, Books For Cameroon. I was happy to attend the talk, and more so, to meet some Cameroonians in London! The entire evening was wildly entertaining in that while … Read more

Understanding Big Chairs

Laura:  What are we going to do when it’s not socially acceptable to drink a cold Castel on the beach at 10 in the morning?   I have been back in village for a week now after the whirlwind of COS conference, and I have never missed Americans this much in my entire life. My fortunate circumstances that have allowed me to live in different places also at times gives … Read more

Retail Therapy

As a way to battle with all the Cameroonian frustration that I’ve had to dealt with, I’ve taken up retail therapy once again. The markets in Bafoussam have quite the gem if you are willing to take the time to dig, and deal with obnoxious men who yell ridiculous things and grab your hand in passing. The fripperie sells clothes, shoes, handbags that come from the US, Europe and elsewhere. … Read more

Cameroonian Fustration

The events of this week has left me totally frustrated with the way things work in this country. I was always aware of the inefficiency, but I do everything in my power to avoid them. This past week, I’ve had to deal with them first hand. Let me tell you, NOT fun. I grew up in Taiwan and thus was brought up with the Asian efficiency. There were times when … Read more

Sarah’s Key

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Last week, I read Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. I only wanted to read it because it’s a book based in Paris, I had no idea what the story is about. I read the books in two days and it was one of the more captivating books I’ve read recently. The books sets place in Paris, but goes back and forth between 1942 and present day. The story sets … Read more

Your Majesty

After nearly two years in Cameroon, there are some things that I still don’t understand about the culture, and I likely will never understand. The traditioanl chiefs that is prevalent here in the West region of Cameroon is one of such things. Yesterday, Théo and I met with the chief of Batié who had arranged a meeting with all the chiefs of the villages who are participants of the Books … Read more

Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve always been a terrible procrastinator. In college, the semesters when my grades were less than stellar were the semesters when I didn’t have a sufficient part-time job. I take the free time for granted and I procrastinate. In the end. I don’t accomplish as much. Being busy in a way manages my time for me. There are only so many hours in a day to go around, and when … Read more

Une Vraie Africaine

After nearly 20 months of being in Cameroon, I finally gave in and got some dreads on my head. I never really had any real special interest in getting the hair done, but I figured it’s one of those things that I simply must experience before leaving. So, just before launching my 3rd round of business classes in village, I spent the entire day “becoming African”. My friend Bibian is … Read more