Wanderlust Wendy


Today was one of those days where inspiration was flowing in the air. Hints of positivity were everywhere, letting me know that all will be okay. In a time of transition, faced with the great unknown, one of these days is precious. I had a wonderful time catching up with a Columbia SIPA love over lunch. One of the greatest things about SIPA is its people. Now that we have … Read more

Today, I put on a suit and a pair of power heels and started what I hope to be my first career job. It’s a strange feeling to embark upon a career. Sounds so serious. Last night, I actually was somewhat nervous about it. For the first time in my life, there is not an end in sight. It’s not a summer internship because I am not going back to … Read more

4am. I was walking back from the 116th St. 1 train exit. I walked through the Columbia quad alone. Snow was falling. For the first time in a long time, I felt very happy. It was the same sensation I used to get daily when I went on runs in the hills of my Cameroonian village. I smiled, looked up into the snow and felt them falling onto my face. … Read more

We are entering week 16 at the LSE, and that means the final quarter of the year. Where did time go? I am finally putting on my game face and am finally feeling the pressure of life in this “real” world. There seems to always be something going on – places I need to be, things I need to do, people I need to see. I find myself running around … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Who is richer? A millionaire who has never left the continental U.S.? Or someone of the same age who has just enough money in the bank account for his next trip to his 150th country? With the arrival of the new year, I am becoming ever more anxious with the upcoming decisions of graduate school admissions. Of the three rolling admissions schools, I have only received one acceptance, and agonizingly … Read more

A few weeks ago, I watched two of my favorite movies starring Audrey Hepburn – Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I had two thoughts after watching these movies. 1.) They sure don’t make movies like that anymore. 2.) I still believe in great romance, and despite of my will to help others, I still pine for a life with luxury and high fashion. I am never going to be … Read more