Wanderlust Wendy

Life Lessons from Audrey

A few weeks ago, I watched two of my favorite movies starring Audrey Hepburn – Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I had two thoughts after watching these movies. 1.) They sure don’t make movies like that anymore. 2.) I still believe in great romance, and despite of my will to help others, I still pine for a life with luxury and high fashion.

I am never going to be the kind of girl who gives up all her material possessions for the well-being of others. I am just no Mother Theresa. As selfish as that may come off, I think it’s more important to be true to myself. I can still continue to contribute to the world, but simply in a different manner.

Tonight, I discovered a great blog – Live the Charmed Life with a great post on lesson learned from Audrey Hepburn. Some of it really spoke to me, and is the way I’ve been living my life, or at least strive to. Below are some that really stood out to me.


A black turtleneck looks great on anyone

It’s always alright to be a lady, even in the toughest of businesses and during the toughest of times.

Help others

Pour everything you have into your work

True style is in its simplicity

Fall madly in love

Laugh often

Travel everywhere

Dancing is the best way to stay fit

Always wear lipstick

This is the person I strive to become – a lady of great style, poise, wit and compassion.

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