Wanderlust Wendy


A friend of mine posted something about The Lottery on Facebook last night. It’s a documentary about charter schools in Harlem, a neighborhood just a few blocks from where I currently live. I’ve heard things about schools in Harlem, but to be honest, I didn’t know much more beyond that it’s typical of many inner-city schools in America. I took a break from exam studying and watched this movie. Though … Read more

Oxford UK

About a month ago, one of the hundreds of emails that I get from the LSE had an interesting title: OUCAN Conference: Chinese Investment in Africa. I get these emails so frequently that I often pass up many very interesting conferences and talks. But this one, I opened it immediately and signed up with Jennifer, a fellow MPAer who shares this Sino-African interest. The conference is held by OUCAN: Oxford … Read more


Serious dose of sunshine today in London. I think the universe was saving it to give London lovers a perfect mood to snuggle up in parks across the city. It’s been two years since I last experienced Valentine’s Day in its full commercial frenzy. Flurries of updates on Facebook has led to some interesting observations. The optimists, or those who have a significant other, don’t seem to mind the commercial … Read more

We are entering week 16 at the LSE, and that means the final quarter of the year. Where did time go? I am finally putting on my game face and am finally feeling the pressure of life in this “real” world. There seems to always be something going on – places I need to be, things I need to do, people I need to see. I find myself running around … Read more

peace corps cameroon

Today marks 6 months since I left Cameroon. So strange. That life feels so so far away now. I was going though my old tweets and laughed out loud at some of the ones I had produced. They also humble me and remind me of that state of mind – much simpler, less stressed, just happy to have the very simple things in life. I figured, to commemorate, I’d take … Read more

This week while in Tunisia, a part from a few international text messages, I unplugged myself from technology, making the getaway a true break. It was incredible the effect few days of unplugging had on my mental state. Partly because I was immersed in a new place and discovering a new surrounding, but being disconnected made me feel so free and my thoughts were much more clear and creative. Don’t … Read more

Camel at Tower Bridge in London

Half an hour to kill. Do I read a 130-pg document on electoral voting in the UK or write something fun in my blog? Not a tough choice there. On a Saturday morning, I was walking toward the London Bridge tube station along River Thames when I heard someone said, “oh my gawd, there is a camel!”. Tower Bridge is a popular backdrop for photo shoot and film location, so … Read more

friends running through field

Tomorrow, I’m off to the next adventure. Though I will back in London town, a place that I know well, I will be starting graduate school at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. Will I be ready for the rigor of academia? How will I compete against my fellow classmate who are on average 3-5 years older … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Last week, I read Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. I only wanted to read it because it’s a book based in Paris, I had no idea what the story is about. I read the books in two days and it was one of the more captivating books I’ve read recently. The books sets place in Paris, but goes back and forth between 1942 and present day. The story sets … Read more