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Sarah’s Key

Last week, I read Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. I only wanted to read it because it’s a book based in Paris, I had no idea what the story is about. I read the books in two days and it was one of the more captivating books I’ve read recently.

The books sets place in Paris, but goes back and forth between 1942 and present day. The story sets on the true historical event of the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup that was a part of the Holocaust. I must be honest that this book is definitely a “chick-lit” and that some of the story plot can be quite predictable. But the important thing is the author tied in an important, and often unmentioned historical event with a story that is easy to digest.

This was certainly not the first book I’ve read regarding this tragic history, but this one for some reason really made me think. Perhaps all the times before, I thought of this event as an unfortunate event in history like so many others. This time, however, it daunt on me just how recent this event actually was. Less than 100 years ago, people in the developed West actually submitted to such horrifying ideology.

The human race can be so vulnerably, and at times extremely frightening.  It perplexes me how people come up with these ideas that certain race or religion are “unworthy”. What’s more bewildering is how these individuals could have enough power to spreading the ideology into a widespread genocide. I am continued to be amazed how easily individual minds and an entire society can be swayed by extremist ideas.

Unfortunately, even today, people are still being killed for their race, religion, culture, or other reasons beyond their control. I wonder if one day human race will finally grow up and realize that no one group of people can be labeled and treated in such inhumane way. I wonder if generations in the future will look back and study these behaviors as one of the steps in evolution. I sure hope so.

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