Wanderlust Wendy

Sunshine & Loves

Serious dose of sunshine today in London. I think the universe was saving it to give London lovers a perfect mood to snuggle up in parks across the city. It’s been two years since I last experienced Valentine’s Day in its full commercial frenzy. Flurries of updates on Facebook has led to some interesting observations. The optimists, or those who have a significant other, don’t seem to mind the commercial nature of V day, but the pessimist, or perhaps those that are “alone”, are much more cynical.

I am an optimist, and even though I spent the day largely alone in classes and the library (though I did “treat” myself to some takeaway curry from Sainsbury’s), I appreciated the love that was all around me today. Seeing men and women alike lining up to purchase last minute flowers by the stand next to Holborn station brought a smile to my face. One day a year, people show special appreciation for their loved ones. If the positive externality (I gotta do it, I’m at the LSE) is extra profit for the flower/chocolate/restaurant industry? pourquoi pas?

I am sending loving thoughts to all of my loves across this world today. To family and friends near and far, and to those I’ve met through experiences offline or through idea exchanges online, I’m glad grateful that you are a part of my life. A day of sunshine and love from around the globe? Life is not so bad at all. Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves.


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