Wanderlust Wendy

Love. Love. Love.

Last night, I found myself at Lenox Lounge, a jazz club in Harlem. It was a picture perfect New York experience. A down-to-earth space with incredible jazz musicians, a few audiences from the neighborhood that embody Harlem. The five piece jazz band played many classic tunes, sprinkled with a few ballads by Duke Ellington and the like to set the mood. Perfect prelude to this Valentine’s Day. I felt transformed to a different era. It’s heartwarming to see that a piece of old romance from the 1920’s still exists today, albeit scarcely.

I can’t recall the last time I had an actual “valentine” on this holiday, yet I am still optimistic and this remains one of my favorite holidays. Having that special someone is fantastic, but I always am very grateful for the army of amazing friends that I have across the world. Life of a globetrotter can be tough. Sometimes, you end up with many heartbreaks that require support from various timezones. Life is full of series of love and lost, and without friends, I couldn’t have sustained my habit to love. Valentine’s day is when I take the time to thank them for all those late night phone calls, skype chats, long emails, dinners, lunches, and hugs that are necessary in time of need.

The social media world is full of professions of love today. The National Peace Corps Association posted a fun article on the 12 reasons why you should date a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. ahem, shameless self promotion here. But come on, we are pretty cool!

All the gooey lovey stuff aside, the logical side of me really appreciated this Ted Talk on the brain in love. It breaks down our crazy behaviors scientifically.  Definitely helpful to know there is a reason, and when going through series of love and lost, I am not just plain crazy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are taking a minute to cherish all the loves in your life!