Wanderlust Wendy


brooklyn bridge, new york city

Today at lunch, despite the rain, I walked out of my office to grab a bite of something to eat. I told myself I wouldn’t bring my lunch back to eat in front of my computer. I needed a break from those Excel spreadsheet. I sat in this small all-in-one lunch place eating my bland udon noodle soup (one should never hope a place that serves salad, hot food, sandwich, … Read more

This week while in Tunisia, a part from a few international text messages, I unplugged myself from technology, making the getaway a true break. It was incredible the effect few days of unplugging had on my mental state. Partly because I was immersed in a new place and discovering a new surrounding, but being disconnected made me feel so free and my thoughts were much more clear and creative. Don’t … Read more

Apology is hereby extended for my lack of updates last week. I spent the better part of the week attempting to connect my Macbook to the Internet via the cell phone. With Bluetooth technology, someone else in the group found a way to connect. I had quite the trouble, but at last, I figured it out. As to not bore you to death, I will spare all the tedious, totally … Read more