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Live Intentionally with a Toddler

For 2020, I had set the year’s theme to “Live More Intentionally.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve this other than being slightly more aware of my daily activities. Before getting a new job, I had booked a three-week trip to St. Louis to spend time with my nephew. I was looking forward to some quality family time. I even had lofty ideas of getting some blogging … Read more

It was a rather ordinary day here in Shanghai. I struggled out of bed at 6am and went to work. It was the 2nd week in a row of beautiful weather, so I took note of the clear Shanghai skyline from my 25th floor office, with floor to ceiling windows. It was an ordinary day. I did my work, but was distracted thinking about this and that throughout the morning. … Read more

Live every day as if you are moving away. I dislike the common saying of “Live everyday as if it were your last.” Why so morbid? Moving away forces the same level of appreciation on the present, and less all-or-nothing. I always find that I truly appreciate any place that I live in during the final months and weeks before I am to move away. The big girl job that … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Today at lunch, despite the rain, I walked out of my office to grab a bite of something to eat. I told myself I wouldn’t bring my lunch back to eat in front of my computer. I needed a break from those Excel spreadsheet. I sat in this small all-in-one lunch place eating my bland udon noodle soup (one should never hope a place that serves salad, hot food, sandwich, … Read more