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Trans-Siberian Journey: Visa Prep

Preface  Xavier (French) and I (Taiwanese-American) were living in Shanghai at the time of this trip prep. I was staying in China on my Taiwanese ID, but will be traveling on my US Passport, so I needed to obtain Russian visa in Hong Kong. US citizens do not need a Mongolia visa at this time. French needs both a Russian and a Mongolia visa, but the Mongolian Consulate in Shanghai … Read more

Shanghai Farewell

Today, a friend asked me to sum up my 5 years in Shanghai in a word. I haven’t had much time to reflect since time has been occupied by the massive task of minimizing all of our belongings down to two suitcases and two backpacks.  I gave it a quick thought, and the word diverse came to mind. When I arrived in 2012, my mission was to pay off debt … Read more

Le Wagon Week 8 & 9: Final Sprint

Demo Day @ 3pm: We are 4 hours away from final demo day. Phew! My team pushed our final sets of Mini-Program codes to WeChat last night at midnight for approval, and have rehearsed our pitch a dozen times over the last two days. Final version approved this morning, and we are ready to go. 

2017 Year-In-Review

Another year filled with travels, laughters, and this year in particular, many momentous occasions. The year flew by in a blur, and I struggled to remember what all had happened each month until I flipped through thousands of photos. I spent the year feeling very discouraged, as if my life is circling in place, not advancing forward. Yet, upon reflection…

Five Year Chinaversary

It’s rather unsettling even as I wrote the title of this blog post. Five years. Really? That fateful bus ride from New York to DC doesn’t seem that long ago. Yet, five years. My cousin’s kid was born just before I moved to China. She’s almost in first grade now. 

I simultaneously feel that I’ve accomplished so much and so little. I uprooted my life 5 years ago and moved to Shanghai, without a job nor knowing a soul. I started from the very bottom. I hustled my way through the first year in this city until I landed a corporate job in year two. Since, I’ve turned that negative positive worth positive, found a stellar travel partner to spend my life with, and established a great community of friends…

2016 Year-in-Review

Travel. Need for Change. Relationships. Those are the themes that have ran through this year. It was also a year filled with fitness firsts: first half marathon & first trail run. Here’s another year of life experiences under my belt, and on the road to becoming a better version of myself. January: Xav and I rang in the new year in Thailand. We escaped the bustle city life and escaped … Read more

2014 Year-in-Review


The word for 2014 is balance. I struggled to find it. Last year, I didn’t write my year-in-review until nearing the end of January. To start off 2015 right, I am writing it with 4 more days to spare!
January: I ended the year with a trip to the East Coast to reunite with my friends. It was wonderful to catch up with so many people on one trip. The struggle of the expat life is that I have to carefully divide the very few vacation days to visit family, friends, and then do some traveling on my own. Tough to balance. Fortunately, I have great friends whom I can see once a year or two, or three, yet still feel as though no time has passed. I began the year giving a lot of gratitude. I ambitiously wanted to document daily gratitudes for the entire 2014. While that endeavor didn’t last, I did live a very grateful life.

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Vanishing Shanghai

Shanghai has been unseasonably warm this fall. Yesterday was the first of November, yet I was still strolling around the city in a t-shirt and a scarf. Days of rain had subsided, and I went for a stroll with a friend. It was still somewhat overcast, combined with pollution made for a rather interesting mood.

We walked to the Jing’an Sculpture Park, a hidden gem in Jing’an that has undergone many transformation. The latest includes a giant Natural History Museum that is due to open in two months. We headed further north, and discovered Butterfly Bay, along the Suzhou River. I didn’t see a single butterfly, but was still amazed that after two years of living in the neighborhood, there was still this small bit of oasis that I hadn’t noticed.

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Ordinary Life


It was a rather ordinary day here in Shanghai. I struggled out of bed at 6am and went to work. It was the 2nd week in a row of beautiful weather, so I took note of the clear Shanghai skyline from my 25th floor office, with floor to ceiling windows. It was an ordinary day. I did my work, but was distracted thinking about this and that throughout the morning. It’s only the 2nd day after a long holiday, and the office was still relatively quiet.

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Posh Corps Shanghai

Today is the last day of October break; what a whirlwind of a week it has been! I put my girls in a taxi to the airport this morning, and am now sitting at a café reflecting, and taking in this blissful week. On their last evening, we experienced a classic night of Shanghai outing, completed with bar hopping, street food, and ended with an epic session of KTV. In between, we squeezed in a blowout, but not without drinks from Family Mart to keep the buzz going.  As we belted out Bad Romance, Waka Waka, and other popular tunes from 2010 in our private karaoke room, I was filled with incredible gratitude for this group of ladies in my life.

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