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Thank you, Bluetooth!

Apology is hereby extended for my lack of updates last week. I spent the better part of the week attempting to connect my Macbook to the Internet via the cell phone. With Bluetooth technology, someone else in the group found a way to connect. I had quite the trouble, but at last, I figured it out. As to not bore you to death, I will spare all the tedious, totally geeky detail about what I went through to get the connection. The important thing is, I am connected. The connection is poor – dial-up speed at best. However, it’s been wonderful able to check my email at the leisure of my home and chatting to my dear friends on iChat. I will also be able to talk to people via Skype! Technology is a wonderful thing!

I made a list of things I’d like to write about from the past week, so those will be in the coming entries. Also, I’ve updated the things I now would love to have. I am not in dire need of anything, but I’ve never had such desire for so many simple things in life. Case in point: I never was a fan of Pringles. I would eat them, but I never loved them. Last week, one of the trainers for SED brought two cans for us to share. They were BBQ and sour cream onion flavors. Pringles never tasted so good and I could not get enough of them! The moral of this paragraph: if you love me and is wondering what to stuff in that care package you were about to send me, check the what to send list!

Tonight, I experienced what “eating out” consists of in Banganté. My host parents walked me into town, which I haven’t done since it is ridiculously dark here at night. We had to stop by someone’s house first; it was raining and therefore muddy. My host mom was walking with a flashlight (my hand crank one that everyone here loves) to make sure I don’t slip in the mud. The slow walking improved when we reached the paved roads.

We reached the busy part of the town in search for food. Now, when I say busy, I am not talking New York City Time Square. Busy simply means there are actually cars and (some) people around. I was under the impression that we were going to a restaurant, but was wondering where since I haven’t seen a legit one yet. When we stopped by a stand outside of a bar looking place, I realized what was happening. The lady was grilling fish at the stand, so my host mom ordered 3 plates. We went into the bar and had drinks. For the record, I had ginger ale. The beer here is no joke – they are HUGE. Whilst waiting for food, I realized there would likely be no utensils. My host parents eat with their hand a lot, but always gave me a fork. It was then I realized that I am about to convene my first meal with my fingers. Now, that’s all the violations again what was advised by the PCMO (PC medical officer).

When the food came, the lady brought us a small basket of water to wash hands with. That was more than I expected. So far so good. The grilled fish was delicious, much like the one my host mom had made for me. The fish was served with cassava; that, I am not so sure about. It looks and has the consistency of rubber and doesn’t have much taste. Although it was served with some killing pepper sauce! I dominated the fish in its entirety, even the eyes (Sherry, that one is for you). Never have I been more glad that I lived in Taiwan and ate street food of every kind for the first 12 years of my life. Otherwise, I would probably be sick right now.

Things are getting into a nice routine. No one in our group ETed (Early Terminated) yet, so that’s good. Last year, 3 had left by now. I washed my clothes for the 2nd time yesterday and my host sister even complimented on how well I did. (Thanks mom, for making me wash my shoes, and also washing clothes by hand at grandma’s.) The only thing I have to complain is the lack of balanced diet. We eat so much carbs and starch here. Most of my meals consist of a variation of beans, potatoes, (usually stale) baguettes, and sometimes rice. Oh, and eggs. I’ve been fed more omelets than ever. Spaghetti omelet is one of my favorite meals thus far. I have established myself as a light-eater. My host mom continuously says, “tu ne mange pas beaucoup”. (you don’t eat much) So, mom, don’t worry; eating a lot of carbs and starch is not going to make me fat. I am in Africa. I’ve also started running. I promise to not come back fat. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Bluetooth!”

  1. Beans are important because they have a lot of protein. DON’T SKIMP ON THE BEANS.

    But I eggs do too. I just like beans more. I am sorry I couldn’t help you fix your phone–I’m glad it is working now!

  2. thanks for posting your pictures on facebook. you know i loved them! 🙂 i kind of had to rush through them at the time, so i’ll check back again later.

    also, let me know if there are any specific asian snacks that you’re craving. i live in the mecca of asian food stores & could most likely get you anything you’d like without a problem. 🙂

    & i’m looking into the skype thing too. i’ll let you know when i’ve got it set up.

    love. love. love. 🙂

  3. I love cassava!! You will too … promise. I’m going to look at your facebook pictures right now! yay! So good to talk to you today!!! Love you!!


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