Wanderlust Wendy

You are in Peace Corps Cameroon PST when…

  • 38 people applaud for bite-sized Snickers bars
  • eating burnt cow-corn for snack, loaded in salt
  • fresh milk, cheese, pop-tarts, pizza, hamburger, olive oil, etc. become pure delicacy
  • getting creative with your food, making every combination imaginable of eggs, tomato, avocado, Laughing-Cow-Cheese, and baguettes
  • glad the person waking up with cockroach on the face or mice tickling their feet wasn’t you
  • getting curfew extended to 9pm is heaven on earth
  • playing football (soccer) coated in slimy red mud is highlight of the week
  • you spend 95% of your free time at Chez Pierre’s

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