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Stepping Back: to Grandmother’s House!

Last summer, I had the chance to revisit my birth country of Taiwan. One of the many stops we made along the island was at the Lee family estate in Ping-Tung (屏東), to visit my amazing 91-year-old grandmother. At 91 and without much formal education, my grandmother still speaks 3 languages – Hakka, Japanese and Taiwanese. I suppose the polyglot gene had to come from somewhere!

Fortunately to my grandmother’s traditional ways, the family compound is one of the few traditional building remain in the neighborhood. I find it extremely sad that people do not take the time to restore these old building, and instead, taking the easy way out to simply rebuild them into modern houses. I suppose it’s cheaper and easier, but the tremendous value is lost this way. Fearful that our own family compound will be transformed before I am back again, I snapped quite a few photos.

My grandmother lives in a small village in the most southern part of Taiwan. The 91-year-old lady not only still speaks 3 language, but still mans a historical corner store!

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