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Saigon Chronicle Month 5: Building a Community Abroad

Chocolate Cake, Community

Last month, before a trip back to Shanghai, I struggled to find my place in Saigon. Unlike previous moves abroad, the integration this time around feels slow. Partly, because I’ve adopted to living slower, but also I’m in a different stage of life – married and in my 30s. In month five, things seem to begin to click. Perhaps it’s due to a change of mindset post-Shanghai, but this city … Read more

Season of Gratitude

Yet another Turkey Day abroad! Unlike previous years, this is the first time that I didn’t get the day off. It’s strange to have to work right through the holiday, and went about the day as any other. Fortunately, since I do work for an American company with a good number of expats, the office unofficially organized a Thanksgiving meal at an “new American” restaurant, Madison, last night. The menu … Read more

The little things in life

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. In the past 6 years, I have only spent one Thanksgiving in the USA. I am beyond excited to be back. Celebrating this holiday in the foreign land, while at times memorable (those Peace Corps Thanksgivings were pretty epic), usually is pretty anti-climatic. Even though I am staying in the City and not going home for Thanksgiving, I am at least in the US and can make … Read more