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The little things in life

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. In the past 6 years, I have only spent one Thanksgiving in the USA. I am beyond excited to be back. Celebrating this holiday in the foreign land, while at times memorable (those Peace Corps Thanksgivings were pretty epic), usually is pretty anti-climatic.

Even though I am staying in the City and not going home for Thanksgiving, I am at least in the US and can make all the American dishes that I’ve missed so much! Very much looking forward to the cooking fest that will begin later this evening and stuffing my face all day tomorrow. Holidays in good company can be as amazing as with family.

Is it bad that only during this of the year that we sit down and think about things we should be thankful for? I guess better once a year than never. The longer I am away from Cameroon, the more I take simple things in life for granted. I am taking this occasion to remind myself all the wonderful things I should be thankful for in life, however simple they may be.

Things I should not take for granted:

  • Running water
  • Not doing laundry by hand
  • Broadband Internet – remember when I wasn’t able to stream videos.
  • Constant electricity – all day, everyday.
  • Family – far away, but always there.
  • Amazing friends from around the globe
  • The opportunity to study at Columbia SIPA
  • NYC friends new and old that’s made my time here really amazing
  • Living right across from SIPA that takes commute out of my life
  • Career possibilities that lie ahead, regardless how uncertain it may feel right now.
  • Easy access to bubble tea, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, sushi on a regular basis.
  • Despite how I gripe about certain events in my life, I am thankful for each moment. Even the years spent in the suburbs. I am shaped by the moments that I lived.
  • Being alive
  • All the books I have access to and that my Books for Cameroon project is not dead

I am especially thankful this year that Cristina has continued with my Peace Corps project and leading Phase II. It would have been such a shame to see the project disappear after my departure. She is working very hard raising money to fund the second phase.

This year, why not give your next $5 latte/beer/martini to this project? We are thankful for your contribution!

Learn more & Donate today!

I hope you are all spending this holiday with loved ones. Remember the little things in life & enjoy this holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving!

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