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Road to Positive Net Worth

Bold Move During fall of 2012, just months after I finished a very expensive graduate degree, I took the plunge and moved to Shanghai, with nothing but negative $120k of net worth. It didn’t matter that I was coming without a job, the goal was to be rid of that massive student debt. My plan was to pay it off by my 30th birthday. Along the way, I’ve changed my … Read more

The Trouble of a Busy Life

West Lake Hangzhou China

It’s 9pm, and I am writing from my office. Somehow, and I am not sure how, there are only 12 days left of 2014. After putting in a 12+ hour day at the office, I wanted to stop and reflect, and think about where time has gone. Nearly two months ago, I came across a piece titled, “The Disease of Being Busy“. It resonated with me a great deal, and … Read more

30 Day Challenge: Social Media

Sometime toward the end of February, I suddenly had this idea to go on a social media purge for the month of March. If you know me at all, you know I tend to make impulsive decisions. I am one of those nutty people who say crazy things, and then actually go and do them. How my impulsiveness in life hasn’t led me astray is beyond me. I had decided … Read more

Facebook Hiatus, or rather, Detox

So remember that Facebook Hiatus that I went on? I went off of the Hiatus and back on Facebook a few days ago. The 68-day ban came to a close. Rather than a hiatus, I felt the experience was more like a detox – much like when people go on spa vacations or yoga retreats. It was good to remember what life BF – before Facebook – was like. The … Read more

Facebook Hiatus: 41 days to go

brooklyn bridge, new york city

I love these So you want to… videos on YouTube, and I just came across this one that is amazing: So you want to close your Facebook Account. I thought this is highly appropriate given my current Facebook Hiatus. I’ve lost track of how many days it’s been, but I do know there is 41 days to go. I haven’t signed in bar from removing an ad on the Books … Read more

Facebook Hiatus: Day 3

I cranked out over 1,000 word today on an essay. Although I somehow don’t feel accomplished because I foolishly thought I could write all 3,000 words in one day. That was silly. I spent most of my days doing this, though there were some long lunch breaks. I got bored. Really, really bored. And then came the urge to want to know what my friends were up to, and… no … Read more

Facebook Hiatus: Day 2

digital minimalism

Day 2. I reached for the F key much less today. Muscle memory is learning to not ready for that key when mind is bored. Progress. petit à petit. I feel less attached to that social network, and while it’s still rather bizarre, I am much more aware of other things that I could be doing. I realize that there are plenty of other things that one can procrastinate with. … Read more

Facebook Hiatus: Day 1

So, first day without Facebook in 5+ years. It is… weird. Exacerbated by the fact that I stayed in my shoebox size room all day researching for a paper. As any college student know, Facebook is the perfect procrastination tool. You go on there to see what your friends are up to for a few minutes, and suddenly you don’t feel so alone. The last time I had no access … Read more

Facebook Hiatus: the Beginning

Looming exam pressure and a recent personal episode has led me to this decision: to take a 68-day Facebook hiatus until exams are over on June 20th. You may be thinking, why in the world are you studying for exams already? Well, I am studying in an archaic British system where exams are held once a year. I am responsible for everything that I have/suppose to learn since October 1, … Read more


This week while in Tunisia, a part from a few international text messages, I unplugged myself from technology, making the getaway a true break. It was incredible the effect few days of unplugging had on my mental state. Partly because I was immersed in a new place and discovering a new surrounding, but being disconnected made me feel so free and my thoughts were much more clear and creative. Don’t … Read more