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Facebook Hiatus: Day 2

Day 2. I reached for the F key much less today. Muscle memory is learning to not ready for that key when mind is bored. Progress. petit à petit. I feel less attached to that social network, and while it’s still rather bizarre, I am much more aware of other things that I could be doing. I realize that there are plenty of other things that one can procrastinate with. The news, Twitter, writing messages, stare out the window. I even revamped my online identity – put a new picture up, changed my twitter name and the like. However, none as fun as seeing what your friends are up to. There is something pretty genius about this Facebook. You gotta give them credit.

Now that I am consciously staying away from Facebook, I realize there are so many things in our lives that are so relied on this tool. I joined when it was purely a social thing, but now, it’s a legitimate marketing/communication tool. Yesterday, I said I got an email asking me to join a Peace Corps community, today, I clicked on various links that took me to Facebook. I had to self-restraint and hit that x button. Facebook is everywhere!

Also, people really got some time in their hands. I was looking for some images for this Facebook Hiatus writing, and there are so many funny cartoons that people have done. I’ll take this chance to show some. There are some funny stuff. Enjoy!

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