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Facebook Hiatus: the Beginning

Looming exam pressure and a recent personal episode has led me to this decision: to take a 68-day Facebook hiatus until exams are over on June 20th. You may be thinking, why in the world are you studying for exams already? Well, I am studying in an archaic British system where exams are held once a year. I am responsible for everything that I have/suppose to learn since October 1, 2010. Yes, that is why.

Interestingly, quitting Facebook isn’t as easy as one may think. There is no doubt that my generation is addicted to Facebook, and over the years, this social media tool has permeated our society. Facebook first came to my school in 2005. This was back when it was an “elite” thing. Ever since, it has been a part of my life in connecting with my friends, acquaintances, and sharing thoughts and the goings on in life. Going off Facebook by no means equate to cutting oneself off from the world. There is other mediums such as Twitter, blogs, email, and god forbid, the telephone and actually seeing one another! It’s been so long that I am curious to remember what life was like B.F. – before Facebook.

I decided to make this a social experiment when I told the decision to a friend, and he proceeded to compare Facebook to a bar, “it’s like a bar where everyone goes to socialize, and I don’t know how fair it is to expect that they will socialize with everyone at this bar and additionally make time to socialize with you outside.” What have we become? Will my social life go up in flames now that I’ve left this “bar”? Let’s find out.

For the next 68 days, I’ll write a small blurb each day to account what life is like sans Facebook. This also keeps the goal accountable since Fbook makes it so easy for you to go back (all it takes is to log in and voilà! your account is reactivated). If you are my friend on this network and wondering what the heck happened to me, this is what. Let the experiment begin!

5 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus: the Beginning”

  1. Fun idea, but doesn't continue using Twitter/blogging/other social media sort of defeat the purpose? If I was trying to save time, I would cut out blogging, Twitter and Google Reader first- not Facebook 😛

    • I personally have a bad habit of using Facebook as a "break". Oh, just a few minutes of browsing usually turns into much longer. I am much less likely to use the other tools as a "break" since in my mind, I know it takes more than 2 minutes to blog or read a post/article. It's all in the mindset!

  2. I did this in Spring 2009 for the exact same reason (plus a personal one). I had my best friend go in and change my password and she wasn't allowed to give it to me until I finished all my finals, three months later.

    The result was an exponential increase in Twitter use that continues to this day (and actually changed my career path), and the best grades I'd ever received in my academic career until that point. Plus a LOT of notifications when I returned.

    Have fun! Looking forward to reading how you feel about it after 68 days =)


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