Wanderlust Wendy

Tower Bridge is Folding Up

As a child, one of the first tunes I learned to play on the piano was “London Bridge’s Falling Down”, but we sang it in Chinese, of course. Then later, in English class, we learned to sing London Bridge is Falling Down, in English.

Today, after a long day at school, I walked home from the bus stop at Tower Hill and saw this:

Not sure if I was really that tired, but the road is mid-air?! Traffic was stopped and there was a small bit of commotion. Turns out, they were letting this through:

Just another day of my life in London town. London Bridge wasn’t falling down, but Tower Bridge definitely was folding up. While I was waiting for the bridge to get back to its normal state so I can walk home, I thought about the sorts of reactions my Cameroonian friends would’ve had. The kids would just think something like that only happen in what’s our equivalent of the outer space!

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