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How SIPA Takes on Exam Stress

Oh SIPA. You never cease to amaze me.  I have been so involved with my life in New York and the happenings at Columbia that I haven’t written much about these really amazing past few months. It’s finals time and stress is in the air, but what really impresses me …

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Life at Columbia SIPA

columbia university campus

Happy Halloween! Somehow, November is upon us, the first snow of the year came and went, yet I had not written much about my time thus far at Columbia SIPA. Life has been busy, but in a positive and fulfilling way. Columbia is a magical place. I feel myself growing …

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British vs. American-Battle of the Grades


I received my intermediate transcript from the LSE today, and on the back, there was a grading scale that translated into the A/B/C system for the general course (study abroad). I am not sure how I didn’t know this throughout this entire year, though I’m sure it was buried somewhere …

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Academic Purgatory

Phew! I’m done with my first and hopefully final (given I passed everything) set of LSE exams!! This honestly has been the worst academic purgatory I have ever endured. It was just so… long, and painful. Cramming 5, year-long courses worth of information in my head is definitely not anyone’s …

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Thoughts on the LSE MPA


With one term under my belt, people have been asking me what I think of the LSE and the MPA program so far. So here are some personal insights on this prestigious institution and one of its many graduate programs. The London School of Economics and Political Science is fancy, …

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London Real Estate: Student Edition

Tower Bridge London

Since housing in central London is pretty outrageous, living in student housing does come out to be more cost-effective.The process to sign up for LSE accommodation will begin any day now (in February). I have spent the past few days researching the different availabilities and deciding which housing to put …

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