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British vs. American-Battle of the Grades

I received my intermediate transcript from the LSE today, and on the back, there was a grading scale that translated into the A/B/C system for the general course (study abroad). I am not sure how I didn’t know this throughout this entire year, though I’m sure it was buried somewhere deep in the LSE website. Knowing this would have alleviated a lot of unnecessary anxiety. For the newbies coming into the British system and feel like fainting when receiving a 60, this should make you feel better:

A+: 79+
A  : 74-78
A- : 68-73

B+: 60-67
B  : 55-59
B- : 50-54

C+: 45-49
C  : 40-44
C- : –

Fail: 0-39

It’s helpful to know that it’s difficult to get above a 70 (i.e. getting an actual A without the minus is pretty much damn near impossible in the graduate level unless you are gonna be the next Nobel Prize winner). This makes me feel better, but still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. For example, why is there a near 20-point distribution in the B range? And why is C- empty? I suppose I will never understand. Alas, I hope this helps the new-comers!

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    • Thank you, Jessica! I try to share information to readers on things that I wish I had known (ie for grad school & different experiences), and other random things. 🙂 Glad you enjoy it!


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