Wanderlust Wendy

Simple Pleasures

Been back to London for just a little over a week, yet it seems I’ve been here for a long while. The first few weeks of any new experience always feel this way – so much excitement and time seems to stand still while one adjusts. Yet once the initial stage passes and a routine is established, time will simply fly. That has always been and likely will always be the pattern.

This is not my first time in London, yet I feel much more in tune with my surroundings. I think my experience in the Peace Corps has led me to really notice and have a deep appreciation for the simple things around me.

Tower Bridge, London

I am still in constant amazement as I cross Tower Bridge everyday that this is my life now. A stroll along the south bank is a daily activity for me where as less than two months ago, a stroll along the dirt road was the norm.

I am in love with my life, and that’s horribly cliché. I love my new friends and flatmates that come from Australia, Chile, Lithuania, France, Mexico, Germany, China, Luxembourg and more. At the same time, London also houses friends from my time in St. Louis and even Peace Corps Cameroon.

Last week, I met up with a fellow LSE blogger Shannon after months of reading each others’ blogs and tweets. The world is constantly getting smaller, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The ability to randomly use Skype to call my villagers in Cameroon and hear their voice is one of the greatest simple pleasures of all.

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