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La vie à londres

Lagging behind on the blog. Grad school is slowly taking over my life, but I’m fighting it. Unlike my pre-Peace Corps self as an undergrad, I am determined to strike a healthy balance between work and life – getting more sleep and enjoying life for what it is.
Heading into week 4 of the Michaelmas term (blog post coming soon detailing the difference between the UK & US system in higher education), and I’ve sensed a near unhealthy level of intensity from the LSE community. Everyone seems to be on high alert around the clock.

I understand that this is the type of institution that attracts high achievers. And in my pre-PC self, I operated in a similar manner as those who surround me now, but post-PC, I see things differently. I am able to take a step back and see life through my Cameroonian eyes and realize that in the grand scheme of things, the stress over whether I get all of my readings done or the ability to understand heteroscedasticity on a Monday morning is simply not worth it. My new motto for life: just breathe, it’ll be okay.

I feel fortunate to have had the experience I had at such a young age and can live the rest of my life through these new lenses. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience life in a go-back-to-basic way; to simply appreciate being alive, and take everything else as it is.

In the interest of enjoying life, I revisited both of my old neighborhoods these past two weeks. I had tea at my favorite French café near Kensington High Street. Charming little French café hidden just behind the busy shopping road. I believe the name is Montparnasse Café. The waiter and waitresses are all French and the cozy atmosphere is a perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon with a good book!

I also ventured up north to the old neighborhood of Belsize Park and met up with old friends for lunch in Hampstead. Gorgeous neighborhood! If I ever settle in London, this is where I would live (provided I have the funds). I was reminded of how nice it is to not live in tourist central!

With a full course schedule and limited funds, European adventures on weekends will be few and far between, but I am trying to see more of London and perhaps even a few day trips to towns I’ve yet visited around  England!

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