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Shanghai Social Run

A relatively new co-worker of mine is really into running, and has been trying to get the office to join in on various runs around town. I’m not a serious runner, but I do enjoy the occasional jog. I used to run a lot more when I lived in places where air quality was less of a concern. In London, I loved running along River Thames. I was therefore intrigued when Johnny told us there is a weekly running group that run along the South Bund.
It was a gorgeous day in Shanghai, with weather hover around high 70’s (that’s mid 20’s for the non-Americans). I met up with friends and biked down Wulumuqi Rd. all the way to the meeting area. I’ve lived in Shanghai for about 18 months now, and this is a part of the city that I’ve never visited. This stretch of the Bund is definitely a urban-planning success story. It was wonderful to see so many people out and about, being active and enjoying the city.

The weekly social run, organized by Runners Hai, was led by a Danish guy tonight. The group consisted of mostly foreigners, but also a few Chinese sprinkled in between. It was a great way to meet people in a different setting. We set off for our run promptly at 7:30pm. Everyone goes at their own pace. There’s no pressure on speed or distance. We run for an hour, and reconvene at 8:30pm.

I’ve attempted to run in Shanghai a few times, and this was the best run that I’ve had. The night view is gorgeous, and there are so many entertaining activities taking place along the way. I couldn’t helped but to stop and snap a few photos. I was most amused by the random musicians that gathered. I so rarely see street musicians here, and it was a nice surprise. I’m not sure if there is a designated area for the musicians, but they clustered and played right next to one another in a confined area. My first thought was, “this isn’t the market, you don’t all need to sell the same things next to each other.” The music quality was meh, but I was highly amused.

Post run, some of us met up for dinner. What a wonderful way to get the week started! Shanghai never seize to amaze me. It’s a great city with never ending surprises!

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