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Dear Santa, I made you cookies, please come by!

Christmas is upon us, and until few days ago, the holiday season really hasn’t phased me. I carried on with my everyday life and didn’t think much of it. But these past few days, I’ve been missing the Christmas spirit.

Here in Cameroon, people do celebrate Christmas, but nothing is really different until Christmas Eve, every other day are just your ordinary days. The holiday exists, but the holiday season does not.

Christmas market in Bath, England
Definitely no Christmas market here in Cameroon. Market in Bath, England, circa 2006

People often complain about the commercialization of the holidays and the consumer frenzy that accompanies this time of the year. I was always pretty indifferent. I did like the Christmas trees, lights, music, etc. But from time to time, I did find it a bit obnoxious. This is my second year away from all of that, and while the first year was interesting, this year, I really miss it. I suppose it’s that old saying of you don’t know how good it is until you don’t have it anymore.

In an attempt to recreate the holiday spirit, I waited til the nightfall and put on some Christmas music, and baked a batch of white chocolate chip cranberry cookies. I tell you, the Peace Corps has turned me into the perfect housewife! Now I just need some milk and maybe, just maybe, Santa will make a quick stop?


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I made you cookies, please come by!”

  1. Wendy – Do you still get asked by everyone, as Christmas gets near, “Ou est mon bonne annee cadeau?”.

    I would get hit up all day every day starting in mid December into January.

    How are the libraries shaping up? Since Time4Learning made some of the donations, I need to remember to add it to my donations page.
    Bonne Noel. John Edelson


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