Wanderlust Wendy

Snowy Londontown!

London Snow Storm

This is the front page of tonight’s Evening Standard. Even though I haven’t seen snow in nearly three years, the US Midwesterner in me still couldn’t help but laugh at this overreaction. Snow Storm? Really? It was more like… a dust of snow. None of the snow even stuck to the ground since the temperature isn’t low enough. Silly Londoners!

The snow put me in a strangely good mood. There is something so magical about snow and I love to simply staring out the window and see them fall from nothingness. The snow is the last piece of puzzle to get me 100% in the mood for the holiday season. Christmas in London is amazing anyway, think Love Actually! The snow, the cold, the Christmas markets, the over-the-top holiday decor and frenzy in stores – you don’t appreciate the full extent of the holiday spirit until you don’t have it anymore. I sure did miss the holiday atmosphere these past two years. Though I am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to constantly feeling cold, I sure am glad I won’t be celebrating Christmas in shorts and tank tops this year!

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