Wanderlust Wendy

New York Summer

I’ve heard a lot about the epicness of New York summer. This past weekend was a nice prelude to a great summer. The weather has been a perfect 70 degree. A corporate job so far has given me nice free weekends. Free time that I can now filled with plenty of brunches with friends and take up hobbies that I never had time for. One of such is tennis. I haven’t played tennis since high school, and I’ve always wanted to be good at it, if for no other reason than to wear those cute tennis outfits.

Where does one play tennis in the city? My friend who lives in Washington Heights knew of a park with a court in that neighborhood. I’ve never hung out there, and it was so lovely to get a feeling of a true neighborhood. Washington Heights comprises of a great deal of the Hispanic population. Unlike Central Park, this one felt like a neighborhood. Families were BBQing, kids and adults both were playing basketball, volleyball, etc. The vibe reminded of my childhood when we used to go to the parks on weekend as a family. For whatever reason, you never get this “family vibe” in Central Park.

Look forward to discovering more neighborhoods around the City and see for myself what this epic New York summer is all about! Suggestions welcomed!