Wanderlust Wendy

Rolling Hills of Batié

Last week I visited the schools that I am working with for the Books For Cameroon project to check on their progress. On the way back, my moto guy, Emmanuel, took me on a different path home, and I saw a new side of Batié that I have not seen even after a year here.

The day was gorgeous. The dry season has finally settled, but it’s only the beginning, so not too hot. We rode through the rolling hills on his moto and the views are simply breathtaking. Photos absolutely do not do the view justice. I love and hate that because while I am so glad to be able to partake in this incredible nature, I hate not being able to share it in its entirety with others.

This past week, I was getting pretty fed up with life here. After 15 months, I’ve finally reached a point of “ugh this is enough”. The novelty of living without running water and shotty electricity was fun and made good stories to tell – but after 15 months, enough is enough.

I am also tired of not having an active social life, and missing my material possessions, and well, just being with friends and loved ones who get me. Having the holiday season just around the corner certainly does not help. I am not unhappy, but something is certainly missing.

Chances are, this is simply my nomadic personality at work. I have very short attention span with anywhere that I live, so I could be living in London, New York, Paris, or Hong Kong, and I would probably be sick of where ever that I live. This is how I am, and while it’s all too easy to blame it on Cameroon and its not-so-comfortable living standards, I must remember that I probably would have the same complaints elsewhere… je suis comme ça…

Being out and about and appreciating nature certainly helps. I’ve taken up running in the past few months and I now really enjoy getting out there and take in nature – likely the last time I will ever find myself living in such rustic beauty.

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