Wanderlust Wendy


Send Off

Few weeks ago, Antoine, a driver for the Peace Corps who happens to be the chief of my neighborhood threw me a going-away party at his house. True to Cameroonian form, I was unaware of the time and whether I was suppose to invite people myself until the day before the event. I was running all around town on that Friday prior, contacting all my friends and people whom I’ve … Read more

Rolling Hills of Batié

Peace Corps Cameroon, Batié

Last week I visited the schools that I am working with for the Books For Cameroon project to check on their progress. On the way back, my moto guy, Emmanuel, took me on a different path home, and I saw a new side of Batié that I have not seen even after a year here. The day was gorgeous. The dry season has finally settled, but it’s only the beginning, … Read more

Seriously? Seriously.

So, so much for posh corps. Finally, after two and a half years of possessing my beloved macbook, it crashed on me two weeks ago. And I think it’s because I installed windows on it and maybe it had an allergic reaction. Anyhow, so since I had such a smooth run with my macbook, I failed to bring the installation CD. I don’t think the problem is major, just need … Read more

The Real Deal

Peace Corps Cameroon, Batié

Last night marked one of the worst nights of my Peace Corps service yet. The day started with a group of us going to some lake outside of Bafoussam for picnic. It was the Frenchies, me, Kate and a few Cameroonians. Picnic, sounds idyllic, n’est-ce pas? I thought so, too. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite picnic basket with blanket in Forest Park next to the Grand Basin. The day … Read more


The events that took place today made my existential crisis of yesterday horribly unnecessary. However, those crises are part of this whole experience. The ability to endure those hard times, having faith the better days will come, is what helps one get through these two years. I met the agro volunteer in the village near me along with a few other Americans. I haven’t hung out with Americans in a … Read more