Wanderlust Wendy


To Do Tomorrow: Change the luggage combo lock on the latrine to a real combination lock with turns. Yes, it happened again. Never thought toiletris in a latrine would be so damn popular.

So it happened today. I went to speak with the headmistress of the school and expressed my concern with kids and that I would not be able to continue my involvement with the students in a group setting. She was incredibly understanding and said that the students steal from what little they have at the school also. We had a good conversation. I expressed interest in continue working with individuals who really care about learning. Also, we are going to help her get her daughter’s old computer up and running again and have some sessions on that. I was rather sorry to go until the events that followed soon after.

Then around 2pm when school was out: kids were all over my house. Annoying as can be. What did I ever do to deserve this? I left an hour later to teach English to the Women’s Group. 3:30pm rolled around an only one lady showed up. I guess since the end of dry season is approaching, the ladies are busy working in the farms. I went home, and my friends were here. The kids also came back and seriously trying to drive me mad. I literally had to lock me and my friend in the house, both front door and the back door. Those little jerks would run to the back door after I’ve locked the front one.

So the evening moved on nicely without kids. We had a nice dinner in candle light because of course the power was out. I headed to bed but then woke up after the power came back to go to the latrine. And then, I saw an empty chair with a raisor. They even took the toilet paper today. So not only did they still my stuff yesterday, they came back TODAY and stole the replacement. Whoever this is obviously doesn’t shave, because that Venus razor is expensive here. I should have changed my lock yesterday.Tomorrow, I am putting a real combo lock there. The three turns are far too complicated for those stupid kids. Even if they know the combo, they can’t get it open.

This is absurdity. It was all too good to be true when I had a streak of 3 months where kids were charming and cute where all they wanted was fetch me water. When I first got here, the kids were annoying like they are now, I thought it was because I was new. Apparently not. It’s a game to them. Let’s see how we can bug the hell out of the white/Chinese girl today. 3 months of splendid goodness, and now I get everything in one month. I suppose that emotional chart about life in Peace Corps was no joke. I hope this dip is a steep one and it will shoot straight back up soon. What doesn’t kill you makes you… more opinionated about everything? Or so I’ve felt lately… One positive thought follow by three frustrating things. The ups and downs of Peace Corps life; suppose it’s better than a boring life…

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