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Tonight, I drew a line. It was 6pm and I was on my way to the latrine for a shower (hot bucket bath). I opened the door, and saw that somehow my shampoo, facewash and soap are gone. That’s rather peculiar, the latrine is locked with a combo lock! But obviously these items didn’t suddenly grow legs and climbed out of the window. Obviously some little shit head had broke into my latrine and took these items. I must’ve not turned the combo lock enough. My anger didn’t stem from the missing of my shampoo and soap, but instead this event is an icing a very bad tasting cake.

Few weeks ago, when I was dealing with my broken computer, I came home one day and found that some shit head had took a shit on my latrine step. So, the expression, “pile of shit” is quite literal here. It’s not the first time that kids are around the premise my house being utterly annoying. I used to put my trash outside and there are evidence of kids going through my trash. Little things here and there and I brush them off as stupid stuff that kids do because they have nothing else to entertain them, so they take the white girl as target of fun.

But tonight, I’ve had enough. It just so happened that today I was thinking about quitting my gig as an English teacher at the school, and cutting back the programs I am doing with the kids per the reasons I discussed in the previous blog post. The even of tonight acts almost like a sign. I don’t know which kids are hanging around my house pulling tricks but I know they are kids.

My house is too close to the school, and everyone knows where I live. So maybe the kids were being bad and I yelled them at school, and they get back at me by doing stupid shit like that. I love kids and I enjoy working with them, but purely on an individual basis. I can’t deal with the nonsense. Also, the exams I gave this week also shown just how little kids care about what I am teaching.

Whether or not they actually care about anything at all, I don’t know. But it’s very obvious that I am just something for them to get away from the regular teacher. Sure there are the few that actually care about learning, but I didn’t sign up for this. It was something to do while I was getting a barring on my French. But now, I’ve had enough. I need to get back to the reason I joined the Peace Corps, and it was certainly not putting up with rascals all day.

And ironically enough, today, Nura and I hashed out details about our upcoming business class that we’ll be teaching together in BatiŽ. It’s perfect timing. It’s time to put an end on work that don’t make me feel productive and instead put me in a bad mood just about everyday, and start helping people/adults who appreciate and are grateful of my presence here. The kids can continue to fetch water for me and continue to save the pocket change I give them. But there will be no more movie afternoon Chez Wendy or cookie-making time. I hate to do this because there are some kids I really really like. But since I don’t know who’s the culprit, I have to punish them all. Too bad.

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