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Justice Served

This morning, I spent the morning doing dishes, cleaning the house. I set out a box of trash in the backyard and was planning on burning it after I took a shower. I took the shower, just as I was getting ready to go take care of the trash, I saw the box was gone and the fence door cracked. I stepped outside and saw two kids going through my trash in the middle of the field. I recognized them. I yelled and they ran.

I was annoyed. What is wrong with these kids? Trash is not toy! A while later, a group of kids that I like came to get water for me, then later they asked me about the stuff that was stolen. And then I showed them the trash in the field from the morning and we had a discussion. This group of boys have more or less dedicated themselves as my protector. They said they will come to my house and make sure the kids don’t annoy me everyday after school. They also identified the one kid I recognized this morning is Antoine’s grandson. This kid is in so much trouble.

Antoine is a Peace Corps driver and a chief of our neighborhood. He comes in the village every now and again and always takes me to meetings and such. I am lucky because he’s got some power and he takes care of me. A while later, Antoine came with another guy. I showed them the trash incident from the morning, and right away Antoine ordered for the backyard to be fenced in completely so no one can enter. Then not 20 minutes later, my group of protectors dragged the rascal and another kid who was equally annoying to my front yard. Antoine then begin exercising his power as the adult and gave the kids a good beating. I went back into the house after a few minutes and let them took care of business.

After a while, I see a group of adults whom I’m not very familiar with out there beating the kids. Motos were stopping to watch the show. This was an event! I wish I can say I feel bad that the kids were getting beat, but I really don’t, not at all. I got a good spanking when I didn’t want to practice piano when I was a kid, much less stealing things. They SO deserved it. Also, there were other kids watching, which should serve a good lesson that this is what happens when you mess with the white girl.

At last, justice is served. As it should.

Things are looking up with this turn of events. Also, last night I received an email from a guy who ran across my blog. As it turns out, this guy lives in New Jersey and has been living in the States for 29 years. But, he is originally from Batié. Actually, not even just from Batié, but from my quartier! He saw the library proposal for the primary school of Famgoum and wanted to see how he can help. He’s from a prominent family here and knows a lot of people. I emailed him back to solicit more information, and he told me the people that are relate to him in town, including the lady who sells me drinks at the carrefour! Also, the mayor is apparently his cousin. I couldn’t wrap my head around that for the longest time. This is wild. Technology is an amazing thing!

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