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Three Weeks!

It is 3am. I have 3 days until I am officially a college graduate, although technically I concluded my undergraduate education at exactly 11:47am, May 12, 2008. I also have three weeks until I embark on an amazing journey to Cameroon!

Today I became slightly overwhelmed with all the things and emotions simultaneously happening in my life. I love the crazy madness even though it seems somewhat out-of-control most of the times. My heart is 120% ready to go. Logistically, I am probably 65% there. I am 75% done with packing, still need to gather paperwork and take care of misc. things. Otherwise, I am ready.

There is irony with the fact I am sitting at work all day, managing money for some of the wealthiest individuals in St. Louis, yet all I want to do is read blogs of other PCVs and think about how I will generate income and savings for some of the poorest individuals in this world. I don’t think modern portfolio theory will quite apply, but who knows. Perhaps I’ll find an application somehow.

So far, my entire luggage weighs 60lbs. I still have some stuff to add, hopefully no more than 20lbs. worth, since 80 is my limit! I am simply bewildered by the fact everything I need over the next two years weigh less than 80 lbs. I packed nearly twice that amount when I was spending the SUMMER in London. Absurdity! Perhaps I will finally find the true meaning to “live simply”. We shall see.

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