Wanderlust Wendy

Here Goes Nothing!

This is what moving to Cameroon for two years looks like:

Peace Corps Luggage

My bags are packed. I am ready to go. The above luggages weigh less than 100 lbs. Those are both the check-in bags and carry-ons. I still was on the over-packing side, brining more books than necessary. This afternoon, I was all kinds of nervous while tying up many lose ends. But now that everything is completed, I am surprisingly calm. But I was still calmer moving across the globe 10 years ago at 11 than I am now at 21. Either way, this is going to be GOOD. 🙂

There are many dear friends that I did not get to say a proper goodbye or have a needed phone date. But those dear ones are dear for a reason. They’ll be there for me without the last goodbyes, or so I hope.

Now, let’s begin round II.

4 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing!”

  1. I’m so proud of you sweet friend! You should be in transit to Cameroon now…I’ve been thinking & praying about you nonstop. You’ve been on my mind so much! 🙂 I sent out your first letter yesterday…hopefully you’ll receive it soon!

    Keep us posted- remember we LOVE you! 🙂


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