Wanderlust Wendy

Hawaii Before Africa

I have graduated from college. Those four years went by quickly and is living proof that the next 27 months will go by at an even faster speed. ‘Tis a good thing. Regardless how difficult things may be over the next 27 months, I simply need to think of how quickly the last four years went by, and I shall be okay.

I am in Hawaii with the family. The purpose of this trip is for the family to have one last great gathering before my sister and I both go off next year (Sherry will be attending college in Boston). I am trying my best to relax, but it’s a tad difficult since I am supposed to be in Africa in two weeks. This morning, we visited Pearl Harbor and the sun was out Hawaiian style. I was tired from walking around in the sun (mind you it’s perfect 80 degree here) so in the afternoon I took a long nap. In the midst of it all, I thought to myself, “what the heck will I do in AFRICA? I am going to die.” Then, I freaked out a little.

I go through my days making the best attempts to “live in the moment”. But every now and again a thought crosses my mind and I have a bit of a freak-out inside of my head. Then I resume to not thinking. I somehow feel guilty (or something) that my fellow stagers are busy packing and preparing. If you are one of the 40 staging in Philly on June 4th and you are also vacationing instead of packing, please let me know to ease my anxiousness. 🙂 I have less than one week after I am done vacationing and have to sandwich in a graduation/going away party in the midst of it. This is moving to Africa Wendy-style at its very best!

Hawaii is grand. This is my first visit here and it really reminds me of Taiwan. The Asian population here is massive and most of the architecture represents the European housing back in Taiwan. We are staying with a family friend, who lives on the 34th floor and has a fantastic view of the island. We are not as near the ocean as I had anticipated, but hanging out on this balcony is pretty darn awesome. I am writing from it and overlooking the evening skyline of Honolulu, meanwhile enjoying the perfect 70-degree breeze flowing through. In addition to great views, we have been dining superbly – authentic Chinese food galore. This morning, we had Dim Sum in Chinatown that was to die for. I have completely disregarded looking good in my swimsuit. I am eating all that I can to make up for the next 27 months!

More updates to come! Aloha!


P.S.-the sailor boys operating our boat to and from the USS Arizona Memorial were quite fine in their uniforms. 😛

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