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More Than Toilet

When thinking of a dessert bar, one typically has an image of a romantic atmosphere with dim lighting, roses and beauty. Yet, when someone told me you can get dessert that ressembles poo served in toilet, the irony and the pure strangeness had me jump on it right away.

Upon entering the restaurant, everywhere you turn, you are reminded of everything related to a bathroom. Since we are in China, toilets actually come in two varieties – the squat toilet and a siting toilet. They do their best to ensure that you are always eating and drinking out of a toilet, and that your food resembles poo as much as possible.

Sounds gross? The idea is so absurd that it becomes rather comical. Maybe not the best place for a first date, but definitely an amusing venue to have a good laugh. I thought the desserts were average, but unlike other expat-friendly restaurants, this one was pretty reasonably priced. Well-worth the experience. More Than Toilets is located in Tianzifung, so if you need something pleasant to look at after the poo experience, there are plenty around.

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