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Peace Corps Turned 50!

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Yesterday was the Peace Corps’ 50th birthday! Celebrations took place around the world – supposedly there were 741 events that took place across 76 countries and all 50 US States! I took part in a house party in London, and it was absolutely marvelous! Since I’ve been back in London, I’ve tried to find other RPCVs, but not too much success. And here at this party, I met over 20 … Read more

27 months of Peace Corps Cameroon

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I’ve been back for 7 months now. The more I try to move on to the new phase of my life, the more I find myself wanting to hold on to my service and share the experience with others. I think it takes being back to really cherish those two years. Everyday, I appreciate that time of my life a little more. So, in honor of this big milestone, I have created a short 5-minute video to sum up my experience. It’s much shorter than the previous one that I posted. That one was much more personal, but this one highlights on the experience.

Back in Tweets

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Today marks 6 months since I left Cameroon. So strange. That life feels so so far away now. I was going though my old tweets and laughed out loud at some of the ones I had produced. They also humble me and remind me of that state of mind – much simpler, less stressed, just happy to have the very simple things in life. I figured, to commemorate, I’d take … Read more

Reaction to ABC’s 20/20 Peace Corps Report

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This morning, I woke up to a link in my Inbox to 20/20’s 3-part report on the Peace Corps. The piece discusses the lack of proper support and response to the murder of Kate Puzey and later a segment of women who were sexually assaulted and/or raped during their service. I was extremely saddened by this report and can definitely understand the anger and frustration these women have toward the … Read more

A Peace Corps Reunion

The long awaited Peace Corps Cameroon Reunion finally took place this past weekend in Chicago. I rang in the New Year with some of my favorite people in this world! Less than five months since we have all left Cameroon and we already needed a reunion. More than 20 of us joined in on the festivity, coming from around the US by train, air or bus.

Small Bit of Cameroon

This past weekend, Autumn invited me to attend a Cameroonian forum with her. Dr. Chris Foumunyo is a leading advocate for democracy in Africa who happens to be Cameroonian. I came in contact with him while raising money for my library project, Books For Cameroon. I was happy to attend the talk, and more so, to meet some Cameroonians in London! The entire evening was wildly entertaining in that while … Read more

50 Years of Service

50 years ago today, a speech made by President John F. Kennedy at the University of Michigan inspired the idea of the Peace Corps. Many before me have served and many after will. Maybe because I’ve just returned, but this short two years of experience is now a part of me, and it defines me. I’m never as at eased or as excited than when I speak to one of … Read more

Literacy for All

Last year’s International Literacy Day helped me spread an important message and bolstered support for the Books For Cameroon project. I received lots of positive responses on my post as to why I started the project and why I value literacy. Here we are one year later, and the project lives on. I could not be more proud of my replacement Cristina and the efforts of RIDEV and other Peace … Read more

Reverse Culture Shock: America, the Land of Plenty

It’s hard to fathom that only 4 days ago, I was still in Cameroon. Despite how much I am trying to hold onto it, that life is quickly fading away into a surreal dream. I’m saddened and scared by that. Over the two years, that life in village has became my comfort zone, and for some reason, leaving that behind is posing more difficulty than I imagined. Only few days … Read more